Complete guide to problems loading, loading and connecting Pogo games

Pogo games are based on your computer system, software updates and browser version to run effectively, as they run within your web browser. In case your system does not work properly or something is not updated, you may have certain problems when playing online Pogo games. You will then see that the game will not load, it will run slow, it will crash halfway or any other similar problem will occur. This instruction guides you through the steps to establish the most common causes of Pogo game problems. In case of questions or concerns regarding Pogo game problems, contact at pogo support number and get instant help. If you have queries like

• How to load pogo games that do not load
• Why the pogo game stays frozen
• why pogo games do not load in the Internet browser

We give you basic instructions to solve most of the Common problems related to Pogo games A games that crash, load and connectivity.

Is there a challenge on Wednesday?
If you have problems while playing due to a Wednesday Challenge for the game, you are more likely to have charging problems, especially when it is Wednesday. The challenges are updated every Wednesday and everyone is still excited to try the latest challenges. In case, the server traffic of that game is too high; it can prevent players from playing or loading the game.
If you are facing such a situation, wait a few hours and try again. You can also try a game room that has fewer active players. If you think there is no such problem, continue with the steps mentioned below:

Common problems of Pogo games
The following are the most common problems and fixes that will be useful to you:
Step 1: Check your software and computer
Use the Pogo Compatibility Scan Tool to quickly identify common Pogo problems. The compatibility scan guide helps you scan your computer and provides quick solutions for errors found in scanning. After solving these errors, you should always run the scan to check again if the errors have been corrected. Now, whether the scan shows no errors, or if you still see errors even after following the steps, continue.
Step 2: make sure if your Pogo game uses Flash or Java
First, you must determine if your game runs in Flash or Java. You can do it easily by reviewing and reviewing the lists of Flash and Java Pogo games.

A. In case of Java
To solve the problems of blocking and loading Java based games, follow the steps indicated below:
• Verify your Java version or update Java.
• Clear your Java cache Restart your computer after doing it.
• If you're still facing problems, try clearing your browser's cache.

B. In case of flash
To solve problems with hanging or loading Pogo games that are based on Flash, follow the steps below:
• Verify, install or update flash.
• If you have already installed Flash on your PC, make sure you have enabled it for your browser.
• If the problem persists, uninstall Flash and try to install it again.
• In case you still cannot load and play Pogo games, try adjusting Flash Player storage and global storage settings.
• Clear Flash Player storage by deleting all the sites in the storage configuration panel of the website.

Step 3: Still facing problems?
In case you still cannot play or upload your Pogo games, try some of these resources before calling Pogo Support:

Support Pogo Game:
If your game has been uploaded, but you cannot see the full screen, you should check the resolution setting of your device.
Members of the Pogo Club must set their screen resolution at 1021x768 or higher, while Free Pogo members must establish it at 1152x864.
If you are a user of Windows 8, you will not be capable to take part in some of the Pogo games from the begin screen that is depends on Java platform. Switch to the desktop screen.
Upload problems can also occur if you are playing with a proxy server or firewall enabled. To avoid this, you need to configure the settings of your system.
Pop-up blockers can also create problems when playing certain Pogo games.

Our POGO support Number:

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